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Yearly Pest Control with Auto Quarterly Service and FREE Service Calls

Pay Monthly  = $95 Setup and $39.99 monthly (minimum 1 year)

New Customer Only

3000 Square Feet
$49.99 Per Month
$39.99 Per Month

✔ Under 3,000 Square Feet

✔ Inside & Outside

✔ Affordable Small Monthly Payments

✔ Service Calls Included

✔ Yearly Service with Quarterly Treatments

✔ Moving, No Problem (ask for details) 

*$95 Setup Fee

* Minimum 1 Year

* Price locked for one year, new customers only

3000 Square Feet
$7 Per Month
$5 Per 500 Sq Ft

🏠 Each 500 Sq Feet Over, Add $5 Monthly

(3,200 Sq Ft = $39.99+5=$44.99)

✔ Affordable Small Monthly Payments

* Minimum 1 Year

Description Of the Service
Cost Of Exterminator In Plant City
When We Arrive

Your Technician will start by introducing himself/herself and then explain the service you purchased and how the monthly payments will be made. 

Your tech will ask what type of problems you are having and then inspect your home to make sure the proper treatment is applied. He will then explain if any extra steps are needed.

Sweeping Down The Outside

With most treatments, we start by sweeping down spider webs and wasp nest on the exterior of the home. We sweep around the doors windows and eaves of the home.

Sweep Down
Outside Treeatment
Treating The Outside

We will then treat around the doors, widows, eves and base of the house. We also put a granular treatment around the home about 2-3 foot wide. The outside treatment puts a barrier around the home to help prevent any new pest from entering the home.

In the Garage and Attic

If you have an garage, we will treat inside the garage walls, doors and any appliances that area there. We then go in the attic and put some bait around the attic entrance. This will help eliminate the pest in the attic because they will be drawn to the bait. 

On The Inside

We will treat pretty much everywhere inside, including the kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets and anywhere else that is needed. We also treat behind the refrigerator and stove.

We take off some of the switch plates and treat inside the walls. The treatment on the inside is designed to last all year. 

Automatic Outside Treatments
Outside Treatments

Because of the weather, it’s important for pest control service in Florida to include outside auto treatments to keep up the barrier all year. If you have automatic outside treatments, we will come out Bi-monthly (every 2 months) Or Quarterly (every 3 months) to do the outside treatment again. 

You do not have to be home for this treatment unless you have a fence with a locked gate or an outside dog. You will be sent an email and text message to confirm the date and time of treatment.

Car Tech
Sweep Windows
Sweeping Down The Outside

With auto outside treatments, we start by sweeping down spider webs and wasp nest on the exterior of the home. We sweep around the doors, windows, eaves and the base of the home.

Outside Treatments

We will then treat around the doors, widows, eves and base of the house. The outside treatment puts a barrier around the home to help prevent any new pest from entering the home.

Treat Garage
Service Call

In the unlikely event of covered pest showing up in-between automatic visits, just give us a call and we will take care of the problem with no extra charge.


We will send you a text message and email each time an appointment is made. Just reply back with a "C" to confirm or an "R" to reschedule.


All workorders, invoices and pest agreements will be emailed to the email address provided. If you do not receive your paperwork right away, call the office so we can make sure your receive it.


We have many ways for you to contact us (Phone, Text, Email, Website and Facebook). We try to answer all calls. We also try to reply back to voice messages, texting and missed calls right away.

Dead Roach S

Some pest may require a specific treatments. In some instances, you may have to leave your house for an hour or so. If that is the case, the technician will let you know and explain the procedure.

Large car

If your home is over 2500 Sq Feet, just give us a call. We will be glad to give you a price over the phone. Don't know the size of your house, it's okay, we are hooked up to the county website and we can pull up the size of your house.

Cost Of Exterminator In Plant City


The initial cost is the Setup Fee and the first monthly payment.

This is a yearly pest control service with quarterly treatments and free service calls. The yearly price is broken down into 12 small monthly payments so there is a minimum of 12 monthly payments the first year (if canceled before 12 monthly payments, an early cancellation fee applies). After 12 months, it changes to month by month. If you move, the service can follow with you with no setup fee.

This treatment covers Ants, Spiders, Roaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Earwigs, House Crickets, Wasp and others.

The treatment areas are – inside the home, the garage, the attic, the exterior of the house (Walls, Windows Sills, doors, etc.) and about 3 feet barrier around the house. We also sweep down the spider webs on the outside of your home. This treatment is very thorough and is designed to keep pest from infesting your home for a year.

This monthly price is available online or you can also call to order this special (mention this special). This treatment has our Money Back Guarantee and is the same quality service we have been providing in Florida since 1999. We are licensed, insured and have been in business since 1999.

The special is for a limited time and will be discontinued as soon as the available slots are filled. In other words, this online special can end at any time. No other coupons, special or discounts can be applied.

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Cost Of Exterminator In Plant City